Past albums

Inner Music The Journey

Inner Music The Journey travels from the underworld to the light, revealing an inescapably powerful yet subtle landscape. In their first album together, Crespo and Fontecha delve into the exquisite subtleties of deep emotional states, journeying from Dispossession, through Stillness, Resilience and Hope, finally arriving into Light. 

Album cover by Craig Brough of Northedge Photography.

SHEET MUSIC for Inner Music The Journey available soon. 

Please contact me for further details. 

With You To The Threshold

With You To The Threshold is an audible representation of grief and so, a journey of emotional discovery. With a combination of western classical instruments, world instruments and poignant vocals, this album will walk you through the barren landscape of loss towards sanctuary, peace and light.  

Artwork by Charis Raine. Graphic Design by Joe Gilmore.

Today I'm Alive

An upbeat, uplifting song, with energetic rhythm, sweet vocals, pleasing harmonies and meandering flute melodies, with casual yet poignant lyrics. 

Artwork by Pia Wennell Art.