Here's some nice things other people say about my playing...

'When Cristina plays she visibly lets her knowledge and passion come together. It is as if the instrument has a mind of its on, yet it is she who leads it confidently and knowingly to produce such wonderful sounds. It is easy to feel how her music comes from her heart and it is filled with passion, strength and courage. There is no doubt music, in all its facets, plays the basis of her inner and outer worlds. Somehow The Flute Connection isn't just about Flute, it is more about connecting to one self, our dreams and inner landscape. When Cristina plays I feel as if transported beautifully and safely on a journey, and back 'home'.

Daniela Pala 

Praise by  members of the audience for Anima Flute and Piano (with Sarah Curnow):

'So warm and welcoming, the interaction and energy between you is such a joy to experience'

'The atmosphere and energy was nothing short of magic. We all felt so uplifted and moved by the end of the night, we didn't want it to end'

'The programme was wonderfully enchanting and clearly evidenced the synergy, commitment and skill you both bring to your performances'



'This is what sets live performing aside'



'Truly outstanding'

'Thank you so much for featuring in the Seasons project. It is always a pleasure to play alongside a musician with such talent AND a great sense of humour!' 

Joshua Burnell

In case you haven't noticed...I love playing flute. If you'd like to have a chat about possibly booking me for a concert, event or recording, please drop me a line or call me on 07931128137.